The "Two Thrown Away Friends" Image Promotes Food Saving

We introduce FoodVoice as the community of the like minded sustainable people. This creative idea brings to light the alarming statistic that the average person discards about 131 kilograms of food waste each year - the equivalent of two close friends, therefore, the inspirational metaphor of "Two Thrown Away Friends" was initiated. This metaphor highlights significant issues about the waste of food, water, and energy.

One of Food Voice’s targets is to unite communities in the achievement of sustainable objectives through the application of engaging gamification and social network. We understand that big changes often begin with a simple, achievable concept. FoodVoice invites users to consider their annual food waste as the equivalent of bidding farewell to two close friends. People are prompted to reflect on the value of food and the impact that waste has on the environment by this thought-provoking comparison.

FoodVoice will incorporate gamification elements into the social feed platform to make sustainability enjoyable and rewarding. Users shall be able to compete with friends and communities, earn badges, and take part in challenges in order to accomplish sustainable goals. FoodVoice foresees collaboration among communities by enabling groups to cooperate and engage in leader board contests to achieve global sustainability objectives.

"The first step towards real change is a meaningful and personal connection to the issues at hand. FoodVoice commits to making sustainability relatable and real for everyone. Taking advantage of "Two Thrown Away Friends" metaphor, FoodVoice solution will encourage users to take action, reduce their waste and join a global movement towards a greener and more sustainable future." - dr. Laura Rimšaitė, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer.