Are we ready for changes?

3/31/20233 min read

Food waste is the global issue with our everyday overconsumption the nature already lacks fresh water, the agricultural land plots are not suitable for further agricultural activities. The level of CO2 is still emergently increasing. And this is the consequence of wasted human beings who fall over the fast food, fast fashion and every day does not take into account the consequences each step leaves behind.

Food waste is becoming serious issue of wealthy countries, whereas the consumption is overrated, the choices of food are poor (because of the understanding that the food consumed does not have to be of a good quality better the quantity and instead better to buy a few unnecessary items that most probably were seen on some commercial) and often food is thrown away because it was not consumed on due time and has expired. Our fridges are fulfilled with plenty of food that are often put in the plastic bags. Luckily if we talk about the vegetables or fruits that are difficult to pack but how about the food which is already prepared and packed, and we additionally put these items in another plastic bag that we simply throw away?

Recycling? We often say that, yes, we recycle, we care about the nature, we care about the environment about the carbon footprint (when often in silence we think whatever that is). Do our actions reflect our declared ideology? At the end of the day, when we throw away our waste in one bag rather than in three as we orally declare and tell that to our society, we do it in the night hours or early mornings, so that nobody would see the damage we are causing. But of course, when somebody asks: Do you recycle? We reply, yes, of course. As this is part of our fake stories, we are used to tell everyone.

Overconsumption of food. Does that sound familiar? Yes, when it comes to Saturday and you go to the supermarket to buy a full trolly of food and that amount of food is consumed within few days than you go to buy some more although you already have overconsumed. Another example is when you buy the same quantity of food, but you have overcalculated the users you have at home and sadly the amount you have calculated for 6 people will be taken by only 2. The result is thrown away food as you have purchased too much.

How about the saving resources topic? Do you turn off the lights when you leave the room, or do you turn off the running water when you clean your teeth? Do you like singing all the playlist songs while you are taking the shower and, in that way, you use lots of hot water that also uses lots of energy and increases your bill? Do you leave your electric devices in a standby mode instead of turning them off?

Do these stories sound familiar?

What would you say if you would be told to buy the discounted food that has expiration date which is today? Of course, you are not willing to buy such food for several reasons, firstly, the psychological, that you shall be buying the discounted material, then comes the real-life argument that there is a potential threat for your health and well-being in that food. However, at the same time you shall buy any junk food without any concerns to your health, just because you simply want to do that.

Do you want to make any difference? Where would you begin?

Let’s increase the awareness and take holistic approach to the nature and resources. Food overconsumption and waste is very closely related to the lack of constant awareness about the consequences that our actions create.

Planning of the all-week meal’s menu helps to manage the over shopping and not falling for all the offered discounts also allows not to over shop with unnecessary food. Moreover, the creativity of the menu with the leftovers also helps to mitigate the potential food waste. Let’s imagine you find a very fascinating recipe on the internet; however, you lack some of the ingredients. What will you do? I believe there shall be large proportion of those who will run to the shop for one carrot because they are deemed to make this particular dinner recipe today, there are also those that will not make the recipe and instead will order food. In this case even more potential food waste is prepared as the rest of the ingredients will be likely to become expired. And of course, there shall be those creative ones that will use something else they have at home or shall not put this lacking ingredient in the recipe.

Think carefully and increase the awareness about the food chain and what consequences shall be even from one short ride by car to the shop for one item or from throwing away the food that is usable and instead buying the new one.